November 14, 2018

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Sipping Whisk(e)y

November 14, 2018

What lies in the bottom of a glass?


What are you searching for when you crack open a bottle and let the aromas of a single malt fill your glass? The ruby color shining through the glass, the sherry scents rising from the decanter or the hints of vanilla cascading into your nose all offer different meanings to the imbiber.


Poets have offered answers. Writers have pondered this riddle for a long time. Hemingway seemed to teter between glass and page his whole life. Vagabonds canvass the globe in search of the meaning to the bottom of a glass and the conviviality of being with others.





Here’s the rub, the answer is different to everyone.

A special bottle can sit on a shelf for years waiting for that “moment” or “occasion” to rise. A bottle can last a lifetime or an evening. That perfect dram awaits a different day and time for every person who raised a glass.


I offer no perfect solution. There is no perfect response to the question. Sometimes a question needs to be asked when there is no apparent answer. Because that question probes something deeper in us that might have laid dormant without a stirring or a sip.


Taking the long look into your glass might say something back. Something you don’t want to hear in return. It might say “I’m lonely,” “I’m afraid,” or “I’m not ready.” But other times it says, “Cheers,” “I missed you,” or even better “I Love You!”


Talking spirits are weird. EAT ARBY’S

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