November 14, 2018

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I want to Shake your hand

July 24, 2018

You know what’s not real?


Drinkstagrammers and influencers playing the game. I’m not talking about all the slingstars and pour queens behind the stick. I’m not talking about the inventive and creative types who pick up a bottle of St. Germain or Amaro at home and question, “What is this and what should I mix with it?” I AM talking about the people who are in it for the fame. I’m talking about people who equate “likes” to talent. Because listen closely dear friends, getting a lot of likes of photos doesn’t always take talent.


I have been there and I have seen it at 6pm and 6 am. These wannabe drinkers thinking they can stage a photo and shoot a different riff on the same 7 drinks everyone is making.


Creating a recipe is not the same as making a menu that is practical and real.


Example of an Instagram worthy photo recipe:


Take 2 parts unicorn tears, 1 part blood of a white rhino, a single hair from a leprechaun, two tears from Patton Oswalt and just a light dusting of cinnamon on

top. Oh wait did I say cinnamon, I meant cardamom because it’s more exotic.


So while I love the efforts and, hell, some of the pictures of drinks, I won’t be doing any of that. I WILL be making pictures of drinks. I will make and take pictures of drinks that mean something to me.


I’m sure your bacon washed whiskey tastes like sin in a glass. I imagine that saffron ginger tea syrup tastes divine in a G&T. And I’m quite certain that your Smoke Infused Egg White Foam rum drink tastes like Prince, Michael Jackson and John Lennon are kicking it together in Heaven and this is their cocktail of choice.


But I can assure you something else. Being in a bar and working behind the stick is not about those drinks. Its not about your recipe. Its about the conviviality of being with other people. Its about asking about “How’s your day going?” All while I shake your hand and get you a round. Because Hospitality is just that. Meeting someone and extending a measure of graciousness and servitude. Being able to offer those grandiose items of extreme cocktails is the garnish and not the cocktail of the experience.


When the shoe is on the other foot and I slide up to your bar I won’t want a “Travelers Guide to Delight and Ectasy.” I want a shot of whiskey and a cheap beer. I want Tully and High Life. I want JameO and Pabst. I want Makers and Bud light(Never Mind I never want Bud Light). But for the love of god don’t give me Jack Daniels or Fireball. Both of those suck and I don’t want the hangover.

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